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welcome to left me speechless! we're a five year old writing community whose characters all live and breathe in a fictional small town called avalon, connecticut. take a look around at our shipper app, browse our wanted ads, and say hello in the cbox. and when you register, be sure to do so 'first last' in all lowercase letters!
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this is perhaps one of the most vital elements of the site seeing as it contains many important threads, such as the plot, rules, and member groups. while it usually goes without saying, make sure that you've read over everything within here before registering.

all announcements, as well as any administrative threads, will be posted here. please make sure that you check here often so that you stay informed about the current happenings around the site. in addition, all old announcements are archived here.

got a question? come here. got a thread you need moved? come here. got a great need for a code? come here. you get the idea.

last night when we were alone

this is where your lms journey commences! after thoroughly reading over all of the important information and registering, you will submit an application here. please make sure to post within the correct sub-board, using one of the application templates provided.

face claim
the mayor May 21 2016, 07:07 AM

upon acceptance, you must fill out your character's claims. these are mandatory and must be completed before your character is sorted into their member group. this keeps things organized and ensures that everyone is actually filling out their claims.

and i'll never love again
selfish, i know
luna armstrong Feb 21 2018, 05:18 AM

it is an unwritten rule that plotting is central to any roleplay, and lms is no different. inside, you will find accepted shipper apps waiting for plotting. remember that plotting is a two way street and in addition to people posting in your shipper, you should post in theirs!

exactly what it says on the label! all wanted advertisements are posted here. perhaps you're looking for a sibling, lover, or maybe a best friend since childhood. whatever the case may be, all requests are found inside. this board is guest friendly.

everything else that doesn't fit into an above category, but pertains to character development is here. thread trackers, closets, diaries and journals, living spaces, soundtracks, and the like. please remember that you're only allowed one thread per character per sub-board.

you popped my heart seams

cell phones are used for everything nowadays. who knows what we did without them? you can't roam the streets of any town without seeing people busy on their phones, whether they're texting or talking, and avalon is no exception to this norm.

let's be honest, social media is in the middle of a huge boom. whether you're tweeting, facebooking, tumblring, or uploading pictures onto instagram, we're always connected to the outside world through the internet.

with your johnnie walker eyes

it's that time of the year - love time! this valentine's challenge is open and interesting and up to you. like a good relationship. that was deep. challenge ends february 21st.

lewis' prompts
lewis reid Feb 19 2018, 09:19 AM

every two weeks (or so...?), we'll post a new prompt for you to go crazy with. bored? do a prompt. caught up haha? do a prompt! avoiding posts? do a prompt! itching to do a prompt? do a prompt!

events & challenges may often be given a timeframe. if you would like to continue your thread past that date, you may do so here. threads will be moved accordingly.

on my bubble dreams

this is the hub where all work that keeps up and running happens. during the weekdays, it's not uncommon to see men and women dressed in their business attire or uniforms. many municipal buildings such as the city hall and police department line the square. additionally, the public library, courthouse, and a few other businesses are located here.

if you prefer an urban feel, but something not so city-esque, hickory street is a perfect option for you! while many of the residential areas are upper middle class, some more affordable housing options are available. additionally, there are a few shops and businesses sprinkled throughout the area including cosmos cafe, hairitage, body and soul, among others.

edgewood avenue is an eclectic mixture of both old and new. here you can find various historical buildings as well as newly constructed boutiques. once the bustling industrial park of avalon, it has since fallen to commercialism. many of the old warehouses have been refurbished into lofted apartments. here we also have the shopping center, the league, and the popular club electric glitter.

near the town square you'll find the ever-popular hemming street. various businesses call it home here including barnes and noble, sprout's grocery store, starbucks, marchetti's, and so much more. to add to the bustling city feel, a mixture of apartments and townhomes litter the street.

not much further from the center of town lies willow avenue. it's what most people consider avalon's own little art district. it's home to the town's dance studio, the community theatre, the ymca, and the upscale royal hotspot. it's also where you can find the high school and community college.

earl estate lane, named for the earl of kent and one of avalon's founding fathers, george clarke, is where avalon's upperclass lives. by looking at the houses - or rather, estates - it is quite evident that these people have more money than they know what to do with. you will also find high-end businesses, restaurants, and the country club here. perhaps it's most well-known for monroe university, the campus and student life ever-growing each year.

family values are increasingly important to those that reside here in avalon, but they are especially important to the people of fairview street. many call this the suburbs in avalon. kids litter the sidewalks, especially since the avalon primary school and little tykes are located here. you can also find a target, the local bed and breakfast, and the beautiful park and playground.

every town has its section that it isn't so proud of, and for avalon, azalea avenue is just that part. it isn't all bad, though--there are some fantastic restaurants, like a mr. li's chinese and barb's bbq. azalea avenue may seem a little random in its collection of locations, but hey, avalon needs a little bit of diversity, too.

welcome to the outskirts of town. that's right, even small cities have those outskirts filled with fields and a few sketchy places. motel 8 may not be your number one choice in residency, but hey, it gets the job done. and while you're out there having your little affair, you may as well stop by some of the farms and local produce stands.

a once-quiet street has grown in popularity with the arrival of new businesses including a large auto lot, a jazz club, and a party supply store. lincoln road is the home of growth and fun with sports fields, a local pool, and various other local businesses.

a as the name implies, medical boulevard is full of all of avalon's medical needs. from a 24-hour cvs pharmacy to a full-scale hospital, whether you've got a scrape from falling while drunk or you're just a little clumsy and tripped over a curb and need stitches, medical boulevard has got all of avalon's needs covered.

the coolest place in avalon, especially during tourist season, the boardwalk is full of a great variety of things. looking for an ice cream cone? they've got it. want to get a little natural tan? come on down to the beach! want some trinkets that you never knew you needed, but now can't live without? well, they've got that, too. whatever you're looking for, the boardwalk has got it all - especially if you're a tourist.

i can't believe how you looked at me

avalon is only one teensy, tiny slice of the world, so here is what lies beyond the city limit. for some, that can be a scary thought, but for others it offers the promise of adventure! whether it's a city close by like bridgeport, nyc, or boston or someplace more exotic like tahiti, this is where you'll find it.

finally there is place where the "one that got away" can turn out to be "the one." alternatively, see what happened if one minute detail had changed. maybe the course of your character's life would have drastically differed. this board allows you to roleplay in the past, future, or an alternative universe; use it as you please.

would you give it all up

anything and everything under the sun can be posted here, whether you're looking for help on graphics or wanting to play a few in character games. go crazy, guys! this is for you!

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razor cross Yesterday at 09:30 pm

you're leaving? who said that that was okay? just kidding! if you're going away for a few days (or longer?), please let us know!

deleted characters? completed threads? absences that you've returned from? whatever it is, if we aren't using it, you can find it here!

Once Upon a Nightmare (Jcin...
The Bard Feb 22 2018, 11:24 PM

last but not least, the advertisements. that's probably what a lot of you guests are here for, isn't it? we ask that you post only if or jcink sites and that your images don't stretch the board. thanks!

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