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the staff has been working hard to compile a list of links and resources that members may find useful! as you can see, there are a variety of categories that give a helping hand in names, faces, member groups, and personality. we also have a miscellaneous section that conveys a lot of random fun things like how to improve your writing and challenge yourself! utilize these links if you like and feel free suggest any other sites you feel will be beneficial to others. if you have a site you'd like to see on the list, please reply to the thread with the code below.

note: if you notice a link that is no longer in service, please let us know.

for the character - names
» a site to search for names by first letter, specific meaning, ratings, similarly rated names, et al

» a naming resource that can be sorted by origin, popularity, and various other user-friendly lists.

social security administration
» a list of the most popular names (in america) by each year

» a name generator that allows you to enter up to six names and generate names that are similar; very useful for choosing names when creating a family and to find names similar to those you already know you like

behind the name
» a comprehensive database of first names, their meanings, and their origins

behind the name (surnames)
» description a comprehensive database of surnames, their meanings, and origins

random name generator
» a generator that allows you to generate lists of random names, customized by rarity/commonness of names

baby name genie
» a random name generator that gives you first, middle, and full baby names.

for the character - faces
face claim directory
» a collection of faces using pictures. may search by gender, age, race, hair, and eye color.

face claim helpers
» a tumblr blog dedicated to compiling various face claim resources for your use!

» dedicated to models

your rp is problematic resources
» a tumblr blog resource list linking to face suggestions, gif hunts, and just generally helpful info for choosing poc face claims.

face claim helpers masterlist
» a tumblr blog resource masterlist of possible face-claims, arranged by ethnicity, gender, age, and hair color.

for the character - personality
martz books blog
» this link contains a list of various character mannerisms and habits

plot to punctuation
» a great tutorial on how to develop and revise mannerisms in order to differentiate your writing and increase creativity

characteristic list & definitions
» exactly what it sounds like! a plethora of descriptive terms and their definitions to help you identify your character.

for the character - member groups
cafe astrology
» lists each horoscope sign and their typical traits

zodiac signs astrology
» lists each horoscope sign and their typical traits

what zodiac sign should you be?
» take the quiz and find out! utilize this to get a grasp on what group your character is most likely to be.

for the player - improve your writing
quick and dirty tips
» this site has some really great pieces on how to better your writing! for those of you who are always up for some improvement, take a look at the tips because you might find that you're guilty of things you've never noticed before.

» pretty basic, right? it's a great way to find new words to use and spice up your writing!

writing hacks
» an article with exercises to help improve your writing skills.

the (unnecessary) trouble with dialogue
» a short how-to for pointing out flaws and keeping conversations natural for both you and your writing partners.

for the player - resource sites
» a large resource site hosted on jcink centered primarily around coding

a thousand fireflies
» a large resource site hosted on invisionfree centered around coding, graphics, and all other things roleplay

caution 2.0
» a large resource site hosted on invisionfree centered primarily around graphics and roleplay connections, but has some coding as well

candyland couture
» a somewhat newer resource site (compared the those listed above) hosted on jcink and centered around coding, graphics, and writing

for the player - coding tools
» over a million color palettes of all sorts to help create color schemes

for the player - graphics tools

» vast resource for brush sets, textures, backgrounds, psds, and more. search for what you need and you'll probably find it!

» most popular site for free downloadable fonts for use on graphics; currently there are 24,000+ fonts there!

font squirrel
» thousands of free downloadable fonts to use on graphics. lots of google webfonts that you can't find on dafont can be found here instead.

character research tools
national alliance on mental illness (nami)
» an organizational website that outlines the varieties of mental illness. it discusses various symptoms, causes and treatments, and so much more.

the national institute of mental health (nimh)
» it's always good to get more than one opinion. that's why it's called research, right? this site is similar to the one listed above and will help you correlate information.

web md
» generally this is a very reliable site for information. this page in particular discusses drugs and medications. it will help you understand what medications are used for what illnesses and the effects they may have on an individual.

american psychological association (apa)
» a resource for information on mental illness, trauma, depression, and other disorders. the column on the left-hand side will direct you to specific topics and tell you how they psychologically may effect a person.

your rp is problematic resources
» a tumblr blog resource list linking to many helpful sites that help with writing characters that are poc, trangendered, mentally ill, disabled and just generally the "other" found in rp's that people have trouble writing.

writing with color
» a tumblr blog dedicated to writing and resources centered on racial & ethnic diversity. there is writing advice, character inspirations, guides, book recs. and more.


» national novel writing month takes place every year in november. this personal challenge forces you to write a novel in just thirty days with the opportunity to have it published.

750 words
» a private site where you challenge yourself to write 750 words about anything. the point system allows you to feel as though you're competing though the real purpose is to let you explore your mind.

write or die
» put in a time and a word goal and this site will make sure you write...or else! this site has several different writing modes for you to try, including modes where it deletes words if you take too long of a break, makes noises, flashes colors, and more.

want to suggest a resource?
do not post in code
[dohtml]<b>resource:</b> link to resource and name of resource <br><b>category:</b> which category from the above do you think it fits in? <br><b>brief description:</b> a very short one or two sentence description of the resource [/dohtml]
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