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 scenario 3: generosity abounds, gisele forbes & ruby devereaux
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town square city hall
scenario three
generosity abounds
person a forgot their wallet (you decide where) and person b offers to pick up the tab/bill.
you and your partner decide who is person a and who is person b.
gisele forbes
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gisele was absolutely mortified. here she was, waiting patiently in line at sprout's with her fendi bag dangling over her left arm, a chanel dress hugging her body like a glove, and louboutin's on her feet. she was a city girl trapped in suburban connecticut and she stuck out like a sore thumb. whatever that meant. the second she stepped up to the cashier she offered a smile as he rang up the few items that she had; a loaf of warm italian bread, a box of pasta, and a jar of sauce. the expensive kind of sauce because gigi didn't buy anything cheap and she sure as hell wasn't about to spend two days slaving over a stove to make the sauce herself. she wanted her dinner with kourtney to be easy but still delicious. the dark haired woman dug through her purse, through every nook and cranny in search for her wallet but it was nowhere to be found. then it occurred to her that she switched purses that morning before work and probably left it on the counter in her haste to get to the office on time. "god damnit. i'm so sorry--" she could feel the eyes of people behind her and she wanted to melt into the linoleum from the embarrassment. ruby // lindsay

@ruby devereaux i'm thinking that maybe they could know each other through social circles? forbes and devereaux surely have crossed paths at some point, even briefly? idk lol i'm winging it! LOVE ME!
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hemming street avalon apartments

the more time that ruby spent in avalon, the more she was convinced that this place existed in some sort of bubble that was, for the most part, unaffected by the outside world.

which was a strange thought, really, but she supposed, after so long, that she didn't actively hate it as much as she had when she'd first arrived. though she'd considered going to the grocery store something that was well below her station, she'd stopped in at sprout's with the promise of picking up something to bring with her to visit carly, something to celebrate one thing or another that they'd always managed to find, but upon entering and wandering around the place, she really didn't know what to bring. maybe she could double back to the bakery and pick up a baguette of some sort and some cheese — carly always seemed to have wine and those three things tended to go together well, didn't they?

just as she'd been about to turn on her heel and head back, she'd caught wind of a vaguely familiar voice apologizing at one of the front registers. making her way over, she noticed a woman digging through her purse and a line forming behind her as she did so, obviously flustered by one thing or another and, approaching, ruby tried her best to put on a genuine smile and be helpful in hopefully a good way. maybe karma would be nice to her for once. "forget your wallet?" she asked, instinctively reaching for her own purse to dig around and find her own wallet.

notes; ah, that definitely works for me! sorry about the wait on this post! <3 @gisele forbes
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