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 prelude and fugue in c major, businessman, alexander skarsgard, shay
woodhouse & co (nyc)he
goes by wil
348 posts
looks like alexander skarsgard
played by
pmmature status: depends
given name WILHELM SOREN SHELBY also known as WIL, BILL, SHELBY birthdate SEPTEMBER 8TH, 1980 birth place NEW HAVEN, CT (USA)
parents LIAM SHELBY & FREJA SHELBY (NEE BLOMQVIST) siblings NONE significant other CAITRIONA GODFREY-SHELBY (wife) children NONE extended GODFREY 1 (brother-in-law)
GODFREY 2 (brother-in-law)
GODFREY 3 (brother-in-law)
VALERIE GODFREY (sister-in-law)
SAMSON GODFREY (brother-in-law)
MIA DAWES (niece)
+ more npc family
education MASTER'S DEGREE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (M.B.A) occupation BUSINESSMAN workplace WOODHOUSE & CO (NYC) nationality AMERICAN ethnicity CAUCASIAN religious affiliation CHRISTIAN pronouns HE/HIM face claim ALEXANDER SKARSGARD
membergroup CAPRICORN positive traits sensible, responsible, disciplined, ambitious, patient, cautious, straight-forward. negative traits serious, distant, stubborn, moody, demanding, critical, inflexible. aspirations
  • own his own business.
  • finally start a family with cait.
  • fears
  • losing his job and/or not being able to provide.
  • feeling out of control in some way.
  • theprêt-à-porter
    l. 75: III. clair de lune
    your parents believe in the beauty of the american dream. for all of the country's faults, of which your parents barely recognize any, they stand firm in their belief that america is the greatest country there is. your father knows no other. born and raised in rural connecticut to a family of farmers. the kind of people who are up before dawn and who work their fingers to the bone. the kind who embody the phrase "pull yourself up by the bootstraps" and who recognize the true value of hard work. the kind who never had a silver spoon anywhere near their mouths, but were not envious of those who did. wary, maybe, but not envious.

    your mother, an immigrant from sweden, is cut from the same cloth. herself from a family who understood that nothing in life was simply given or handed out. what sort of life was that? to expect things to be handed to you at your whim? no. your fate in life rested on your own shoulders and if you weren't willing to put the work in, please step to the side for the people that would.

    this is how you were raised. your parents with a shared work ethic and a desire to instill those same values into their son. your father, who chose not to follow the family into farming, but rather pursue a career as an electrician. your mother, the finest seamstress in the city. they were firm, no-nonsense people. but the sort who were heavily involved in the community. who always gave back, not just in money, but in time. if anyone needed to find out how you turned out the way that you are needn't look any further than your parents.

    nocturne in e-flat major
    you're a serious child. while your classmates are out playing cops and robbers, you're sitting underneath the tree at the picnic table, finishing your homework for the next day. it's not to say that your childhood is completely devoid of fun, but if there's work to be done, you'd much rather get it done and out of the way so that you can truly enjoy yourself. and, yes, that's how you've always been.

    in another life, this may have been cause for ridicule by your classmates. but, aside from the fact that you easily tower over your entire class by fifth grade, you somehow find that you fall easily into the role of a leader. you're not sure why. adults find you sensible and dependable. someone who they know would think first before acting - a skill most of your classmates have yet to master. why the other kids look up to you? (other than the obvious answer of you being a lanky giant) there's a charm about you that you grow into as you get older. an air of self-confidence that you carry with grace. when you're a senior in high school, you're elected president of the student body in a landslide vote. you're also voted 'most likely to succeed' for your class' superlatives. but it isn't until you see your parents, beaming with joy as you greet them in your cap and gown, that you truly feel a sense of accomplishment.

    Études, No. 6
    it is almost completely by chance that your parents end up with a piano in their home. they would never purchase one of their own free will - deeming it to be an unnecessary expense. music had never been a staple in the shelby household. still, when you and your mother stumble across someone's old piano that they're getting rid of, your mother surprises you by expressing a desire to take it home and refurbish it. she does so - once she latches onto an idea, there's no letting go - and divulges to you that her grandmother used to play and that she'd always loved the sound of the piano.

    you show an interest in learning and, the next day, a woman from church who lives down the street shows up to give you lessons. she teaches you the basics first, followed by hymns. by then, you've been listening to classical music. and ask her to teach you some classical piano. she teaches you what she knows and then tells you that she's taught you all she knows. it was up to you to fill in the missing pieces. so you do. day in and day out, in your spare time, you fill it with piano. in another life, maybe you would have pursued it as a career. but not in this one...

    vladimir's blues
    you're not the type of person who gets caught up in dreams or fantasies. in fact, there's no risk of you walking around with your head in the clouds given that your feet are firmly planted on the ground. it's why you don't even entertain the idea of pursuing the piano any further than as a hobby. you're sensible and practical and you always have been. so you put the piano aside and focus on your future. when it's time for you to pick your major, you know you won't choose anything with even the slimmest possibility of unemployment after you graduate. so you major in business. and, after you graduate, you get your m.b.a.

    networking comes easy to you. you're not a particularly sensitive person, but there's something about you that screams charisma. maybe it's your self-confidence, your commanding presence. either way - when you spoke, people listened. it is through networking that you meet edward woodhouse. he pitches you the origins of woodhouse & co and, immediately, you're intrigued. not just because of the success behind the name, but because of their mission. it resonates with you, given your family's background. so when you're offered a job, you take it. you've been climbing the corporate ladder within the company ever since. years later, you find yourself sitting comfortably as one of woodhouse's favorite employees. a position that is nothing to sniff at. you've worked hard, put your nose to the grind day in and out, and gone above and beyond the call of duty. somewhere along the way, though, both you and woodhouse have lost touch with the origins of the company. admittedly, you've become just as concerned about the bottom-line as woodhouse and grown further away from the original mission of helping others.

    the river flows in you
    caitriona godfrey is the sort of woman you always imagined that you'd marry. beautiful, of course, but, more than that, smart and kind. driven, but thoughtful. it isn't long before you propose. you're young when you marry, only twenty-six, but it's not as though you've been carried away by the romance of it all. that wouldn't be you to follow passion's lead. to you, your marriage makes logical sense. you love her, she loves you. she's exactly what you you were looking for. a better question would be - why wouldn't you marry her? over ten years later and you've settled into a comfortable life with cait. the near-constant barrage of "when are you two going to have kids" that you both received after you married slowed considerably a few years back. it's something that the two of you have been putting off for awhile now. neither of you were opposed to it. quite the opposite on your end, really. you've always imagined settling down and having a family of your own, but time moves quickly and you have a tendency to spend more time at the office in new york than you do in your own home. it doesn't help that, recently, it feels like cait's pulling away...
    la valse d'amélie
    maeve woodhouse. the boss' daughter. you already know all that you could possibly need (or want) to know about maeve. in this case, her reputation certainly precedes her. spoiled. the epitome of being born with a silver spoon in her mouth, thinking that the world revolves around her. that everyone is just here for her own amusement. not to mention her habit of flirting with her father's employees. you'd even heard that she was behind at least one of your coworker's terminations. needless to say, you've tried to steer clear of maeve. and you've done a good job of it...up until this past summer. it was the annual summer party and, as one of mr. woodhouse's top performing employees, there was no way that you were going to miss it. even when cait said that she couldn't come - some prior engagement (or was that just an excuse to get out of it?) - you went alone. perhaps if cait had been there, the following events wouldn't have happened. and perhaps you were partially to blame - your eyes lingering a little longer on maeve than they should have. you thought you'd averted your gaze before she'd seen you, but almost directly afterwards, she'd come over to talk to you. you were polite. she was the boss' daughter, after all. you attempted to get out of the conversation, not missing the looks she was giving you. the way her hand rested on your arm longer than it should have. you had to have been an idiot not to pick up on the signals she was sending. that day and all of the ones that followed where maeve suddenly appeared, you made sure to bring up cait's name as much as possible. you were married. you weren't interested in playing her little games. not interested at all...
    oh look...it's avalon's model citizen!! well, wil tries, at least. he's very much an "appearances matter" type of guy. but i swear his heart is in the right place for the most part. he and his wife, cait, live a pretty idyllic lifestyle in avalon. they're the type of beautiful couple that so many people envy. you know the type. gorgeous, well-kept house, white picket fence, expensive car in the driveway. all they're missing is the 2.5 kids.

    wil, himself, is definitely a bit of a workaholic. and that's mostly due to his ambitious and disciplined nature. thank his parents for that one. they taught him that nothing in life would ever be given to him and that, if he wanted something, he needed to work for it. so he doesn't shy away from hard work. he's practical and sensible - almost to the extreme. he's very much the kind of person who leads with logic rather than his heart. so he comes across as very down to earth and mature, but at the same time pretty distant, serious., and detached

    he's a natural leader though which is a good thing bc he likes to be in charge. and he has a habit of thinking that he's always right. he has zero tolerance for people's incompetencies and can be pretty demanding and critical in that way. otherwise? he's a pretty patient person overall. he does take the commitments in his life seriously, especially if he sees value in them. it's a little harder when he doesn't. maybe he'll see the value in you? maybe.

    wil was born and raised in new haven, but moved to avalon after he graduated high school, so he's been here ever since. i could see him getting along with his fair share of people. he's a decent guy. and he tends to put his family and friends ahead of everything except for work commitments (oops didn't say he was perfect). he and cait have this seemingly picture perfect life and a part of that would be having some friends. and tbh wil needs to know some people outside of work so be his friend?
    maeve. lolol. jk. but no really. aside from maeve, i could see the possibility for some to fall here. wil doesn't shy away from conflict. he doesn't see why people take criticism or conflict to heart. and he's the type of person who's interested in resolving conflict, not ignoring it or brushing it under the rug. with that said, he has a bad habit of almost always believing he's right. oops that's bound to piss people off. to top it off, he's not exactly great at picking up on other people's feelings. and, also, not great at expressing his own feelings. and to top it all of he's probably hurt others by some of the stuff he says (he doesn't do it purposely, but he tends to think and speak from a logical, not feeling standpoint) so good luck with that. also if you're inefficient or incompetent he has no time for you. kthanks bye.
    well, wil is married to caitriona godfrey-shelby. sorry, ladies ;) they've been married for over 10 years now. they were married fairly young (25/26) and have settled into a predictable, normal routine since then. which is ok by wil since that's just the sort of life he had imagined for himself. settling down, marrying a good woman, moving forward in his career, picturesque life. yadda yadda. except that cait thinks he's cheating and he isn't. but maeve woodhouse, his boss' daughter, isn't helping. you'd think telling someone over and over to knock it off and that you're married would stop them, but apparently not...as far as people before cait? if you wanna suggest something, lemme know!
    alias SHAY pronouns SHE/HER age I HAVE NO AGE mature content DEPENDS triggers NONE for a request yes other characters jeremiah, felix, matilda, ronan, brendan, javier, lorenzo, alicia
    doing stuff. things.6
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    goes by a bunch of hoors
    probably drunk on all the alcohol
    5826 posts
    looks like a corgi, apparently
    played by
    avalon timethey/theminfinite
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