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N/A she/her animal rescue owner paws animal shelter
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THIS POST WAS MADE Feb 7 2018, 04:05 PM
ramona claire o'toole
given name RAMONA CLAIRE O'TOOLE also known as MONA, MO birthdate OCTOBER 30TH, 1970 birth place AVALON, CT (USA)
siblings first o'toole
mac o'toole
florence o'toole
significant other none children first o'toole, 30
danielle o'toole, 15
extended a plethora of cousins pets a fat grey cat named catticus finch
education high school in avalon, went to community college and has a business management occupation paws animal shelter owner workplace paws animal shelter nationality american ethnicity english, irish, german, scottish religious affiliation non-practicing catholic pronouns she/her face claim MADCHEN AMICK
membergroup SCORPIO positive traits determined, forceful, emotional, intuitive, powerful, passionate, exciting negative traits jealous, resentful, compulsive, obsessive, secretive, indecisive, flirtatious, self-indulgent aspirations to get married, have another baby, to finally see her father again, to forgive him for ruining their family fears becoming more like her father, never finding love, losing those she loves, not being able to control her anger
ramona c. o'toole
ramona claire o'toole, the second of four children. you were born three years after your sister and four years before malcom. you and your sister were thick as thieves. you were happy as clams, or as happy as could be. the two of you were daddy's little girls, something you relished in. your father wasn't the best man. he was the best father he could be, but he had a bit of a...dark side. if you could call it that. he schemed and came up with ideas you were certain were going to crash and burn. even at the ripe young age of six, you knew your father wasn't going to get the job done. you didn't even understand what he was wanting to do.

you remember the good times, but they are almost always overrun by the bad times. your name is synonymous with murderer. your father killed a man in the very living room you were born in; your mother was too far into labor to make it to the hospital. before the blood of the sheriff stained the carpet, your mother's blood stained the carpet as well. you don't remember a lot of your life before your father was incarcerated. you remember his ranting and raving, going on and on about how the government was trying to suppress the lower and middle classes. you don't share the same ideology as your father, something you spent the last thirty-three years trying to explain to everyone.

you have thick skin thanks to your father's actions. you grew up to learn that people were terrible. especially teenagers. they blamed you for things that your father had done. you weren't the one who killed the sheriff, you were just an innocent bystander. you were home, but you were in your room. you didn't really even know what was going on until it was too late. your mother was screaming for you and your older sister to take florence and malcom out of the room, get them out of there.

you intended to leave this town as soon as you could. go somewhere no one would know your name. however, at the ripe young age of seventeen, you put another dark mark on your family's name. you got pregnant by one of the bad boys in school. his father was in jail alongside your own father, but for something entirely different. you were young, dumb, and in love. that love was lost the second you told him you were pregnant. he broke up with you and you never saw him again.

you were seventeen and a mother. you didn't know how to do it, but you managed somehow. you were resourceful and determined, albeit a little lost and confused. you loved your daughter and you couldn't imagine living without her. your dreams of leaving avalon were no more. you wanted to raise your daughter where you grew up, though this town wasn't the most forgiving of places. you worked as a waitress to make ends meet. you would do anything for your little girl, even stay where you weren't wanted. you had to travel out of town to find a better job than a waitress.

you worked three jobs in your twenties, all to provide for your daughter. you were twenty-eight when you met another man. you swore he was different than the first man you ever loved. however, this one turned out to be more like your father than you anticipated. he had ideals that you didn't really like, you loved him, so you didn't mind them so much. you just...forgot about them, as much as you could. you were together until about ten years ago. you have a daughter; danielle, together. danielle is the apple of your eye, as well as that of her big sister. you would do anything to protect her from the ugly truth about your family. that's why she doesn't see her own father; he is currently in prison as well for domestic terrorism. you've sworn off love, all the men you've found have been just as bad if not worse than your father, perhaps you're meant to be alone.

you have the shelter anyway. over the last five years, you've gone from assistant to owner. about three years ago, the woman who owned the rescue before you did retired and sold it to you for really cheap. you love your job, danielle helps out and it keeps you entertained. it's not really a job to you, you do what you love. you still see your mother and siblings, but you definitely aren't super close to any of them, maybe distancing yourself from the name is what you should do, but you don't really know how to do that; after all, you'll always be the daughter of a murderer.

ramona is her father's daughter, to an extent. she hasn't seen or heard from him since he went to jail other than the once or twice her mother made her go see him when she was young.
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