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welcome to left me speechless! we're a five year old writing community whose characters all live and breathe in a fictional small town called avalon, connecticut. take a look around at our shipper app, browse our wanted ads, and say hello in the cbox. and when you register, be sure to do so 'first last' in all lowercase letters!
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lms' frequently asked questions
where exactly in connecticut is avalon?
avalon is located on the coast of connecticut, right along the southern border of the southwestern most county in connecticut, fairfield county. see here for a visual idea.

what is the closest airport?
technically, the closest airport to avalon is tweed new haven regional airport. however, as its name suggests, this airport is considerably small and only services domestic, short-range flights. the nearest major airport, where most traffic for anyone traveling to or from avalon would find themselves, is jfk international in new york city. laguardia in nyc is also close by, but not quite as major.

are there any colleges nearby?
yes! monroe university right here in avalon is the main (though fictional) one. in terms of real ones: yale university is in new haven, connecticut, and is just over a half an hour away when driving in optimal traffic. the university of connecticut, known popularly as uconn, also has campuses scattered around the state. last and arguably least, don't forget that avalon itself has its very own community college. it's a two year institution and is ideal for an avalon native who only wants to get a two year degree or get their generals done before transferring to a four year college.

what major cities are nearby and how far away are they?
conecticut's biggest city is bridgeport, which is a mere fifteen minutes or less from avalon. new haven and hartford are also fairly large in terms of connecticut cities and are about thirty minutes and sixty minutes away, respectively. and, of course, the big apple (aka new york city) isn't too far away in the grand scheme of things. in optimal traffic it is about an hour's drive, but when is there ever optimal traffic? expect about at least an hour and a half, possibly two hours, for a drive to the big city.

what are the demographics (race, religion, socioeconomics, etc.) like in avalon?
avalon is like any other small town in the united states in the respect that it is a melting pot of race, religion, and socioeconomics. the population comes in at 19, 273 people according to the 2010 u.s. census. the racial makeup of the city is as follows: 85% white, 9% african american, 4% hispanic or latino, 1.5% native american, and 0.5% asian. the median income for a family is $83,548, while the median income for an individual is $42, 910. when it comes to politics, avalon is slightly democratic (49% democratic, 42% republican, 8% other). the majority of the population is christian, catholic and protestant making up the majority of that percentage.

what is the weather/climate like in avalon?
avalon is primarily in a humid continental climate. the winters are very cold but only moderately snowy and the summers are both very warm and very humid.

how does time flow in avalon/on the site?
time flows normally, in a manner of speaking. obviously if you started a thread in june, 2013 and it's still going, it's safe to say that in that thread it is still june. we all know the concept of liquid time, and it applies here on lms. you can have a thread that takes place in june as well as start one that takes place right here and now. in a month, the here and now will be different but the timing/setting of your thread will not.

what is the best way to reach a staff member?
pm, really. if you have a quick question and you see of of us is online, you can flag us down in the cbox or try to catch us on aim (which we all have). if none of us are on or if you have a more serious or in-depth question, the best thing to do is to pm the mayor.

how long does it usually take for an app to be reviewed?
it really depends. we all review apps however, like all humans, we have fluctuating availability and schedules. while we'd like to guarantee no more than a day, we can't. sometimes we hold off on accepting or reviewing an application because it's filling a request and we need to get the approval of the person who made the request. other times there may be something wrong or something in the app that we need to consult about before going ahead with a decision, so that can add some time. don't forget that we are only human and life can get the better of us more often than not. sometimes we get to apps within fifteen minutes of their completion, sometimes it's taken up to several days. it just always depends, so please be patient and don't lose interest!

what are the roles of each of the staff members?
everything! we're a mish-mash bunch, some who love claims and apps, some who love advertising and skinning. it works because of that! there are five of us altogether: kate, katie, lindsay, maggie, and nae. as stated you can pm any one of us for general information but pm'ing the mayor is always better.

who runs the mayor's account?
all of us! we all try to log into it once a day, each, at least. sometimes replies have a staff member's name attached to them, but more often than not they simply say "lms staff" or "lms admins." when you pm the mayor's account, keep in mind you're essentially pming all of us as all of us will see it.

what exactly is considered plotting in the cbox?
there has been a lot of confusion about what exactly cbox plotting includes ever since the rule was created. even amongst staff we all seem to have slightly differing definitions. it's okay to mention your character(s) in an off-hand manner, to tell someone you're replying to them, that you will, or just did. it's okay to throw their names around in ooc conversations. the plotting we do not allow is when a conversation becomes solely about a character or a group of characters and those who cannot participate in the conversation are left feeling alienated. devising a plot for your character(s) is off-limits, discussing current plots at length is off-limits, kate's hoor mother is not off-limits, etc. for further clarification of this question, don't be afraid to just ask. if you feel like you're going over the line, you probably are.

my character went inactive in the last ac - why and how do i get it back?
as with most sites we require a monthly activity check to ensure that people are not leaving or hogging faces for characters they don't use. as of march 2013, each activity check requires a proper thread (not communication) for each character you wish to keep and the latest post in said thread must be less than two weeks old (so if the closing date of the ac is the 7th, then your post must come from the 24th or later of the month previous). of course there are exceptions, such as if you have a full or hiatus absence, but we don't count partial absences any longer. our reasoning? well you missed the ac, that sucks, but your absence isn't full and therefore you had a chance to check in or post. that said, you will have (at least) four days after you're moved to inactive to return your character to normal. we ask that if you are made inactive then you do not fight us, do not fret, and merely do the following steps to get your character back:
1. pm the mayor's account with a link to a formerly active thread (one that was active and would've been acceptable to use for the ac).
2. once an admin has seen it, you will be moved to the claims group. claims must be completed as if you were a new member, including the "finished claiming" claim. when you have posted in "finished claiming," pm the mayor with ANY links you want moved back to the active forum, including which forum you would like them moved back to.
3. an admin will unarchive your threads and move you into your appropriate member group.
if you have any specific questions regarding your character and making the ac we encourage you to pm the mayor during the activity check week.

where did the idea for lms come from?
the idea for lms came from the fact that the staff team wanted a place to go to roleplay that was stress free. too often roleplaying becomes about things other than writing, so the site was created to focus specifically on character development and interactions through characters via threading. essentially, we wanted a safe haven for people to create characters that could really be fleshed out.

as for the concept of avalon, this small town was based off (in part) ex-staffer rachel's hometown. the exception being the founding families story. that was actually inspired by a variety of sources including the great gatsby, weeds, pride & prejudice, and desperate housewives to name just a few.

have a question? pm the mayor and if we think it's vital, we'll add it here

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