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welcome to left me speechless! we're a five year old writing community whose characters all live and breathe in a fictional small town called avalon, connecticut. take a look around at our shipper app, browse our wanted ads, and say hello in the cbox. and when you register, be sure to do so 'first last' in all lowercase letters!
it's getting to be winter in
avalon, connecticut
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 character reactivation
5 they/them doing stuff. things. kate, katie, lindsay, maggie, & nae
a bunch of hoors is Offline
all the alcohol
a corgi, apparently
a bunch of hoors
they/them avalon mature status: n/a pm us here!
THIS POST WAS MADE Aug 22 2015, 08:59 PM
if you missed the activity check
did you miss the activity check? chances are your characters are now inactive, which that their claims have been cleared. no worries! we have a seven day grace period and reactivation is just a few short steps away.

in order to be sorted back into your member group, you need to

1. have an active post that would have otherwise counted for the activity check. this means it must be posted within the time frame for the ac or in the time since it has ended. if the activity check you missed was a 'special' one that accepted something like prompts, shipper posts, etc. as well as posts, you may use one of those to reactivate.

2. fill out the form below with a link to said post. if your character's shipper app or any of their threads (written, tech, development, or otherwise) have been archived, provide thinks for those too so we can move them back—but be sure to include where to move the threads to!

3. we'll re-sort you into the claims member group as soon as we see your filled out form, and move any threads out of the archives if applicable.

4. fill out all of your claims again (after you've been sorted into claims) and your characters will be sorted into their proper member group again. from there, you can go about posting as usual!

if your character was in the new in town group and you were moved to inactive because your application was posted more than 20 days ago, please pm the mayor instead of posting here OR post here with a link to your application if it's complete and we'll sort you back into new in town..

inactive accounts are deleted on the 14th of the month, so be sure to do this before then; however, we encourage you to do this as soon as possible, because any and all of your claims are up for grabs while your character is in the inactive member group.

fill out the form below and please DO NOT post in code!

[dohtml]<b>character:</b> first last <br><b>link to active post:</b> <a href="link to post">here</a> <br><b>application:</b> <a href="link to application">here (if applicable -- if not, delete this)</a> <p> <b>archived threads:</b><br> move <a href="link to thread/request/etc">this</a> to <i>location/forum</i><br> move <a href="link to thread/request/etc">this</a> to <i>location/forum</i><br> move <a href="link to thread/request/etc">this</a> to <i>location/forum</i><br> (add more/less as needed -- if nothing was archived and you only need to be resorted to claims, delete everything but character name and link to active post)<br>[/dohtml]
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