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enjoy your time in avalon,


welcome to left me speechless! we're a five year old writing community whose characters all live and breathe in a fictional small town called avalon, connecticut. take a look around at our shipper app, browse our wanted ads, and say hello in the cbox. and when you register, be sure to do so 'first last' in all lowercase letters!
it's getting to be winter in
avalon, connecticut
and everyone is bundling up
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valentine's day!
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5 they/them doing stuff. things. kate, katie, lindsay, maggie, & nae
a bunch of hoors is Offline
all the alcohol
a corgi, apparently
a bunch of hoors
they/them avalon mature status: n/a pm us here!
THIS POST WAS MADE Oct 7 2013, 09:37 PM

the ban list
if ever we feel that ratios are getting out of hand, we will put temporary bans on certain things. the bans could include occupations, a certain gender (hasn't happened in all our time, so doubtful!), or possibly even member groups. if applicable, end dates will be added. if not, keep checking back as this will be updated as regularly as possible. remember that these restrictions apply only to new applications. you can also find a list of all names that already have duplicates and therefore can't be used unless an alternate spelling is used. these bans are not to limit your creativity but to simply keep the site more realistic in terms of it's setting.
no restrictions!

no restrictions!

member groups:
no restrictions!

names (duplicates):
check out the member list!

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