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open threads
because you just want to post; we don't judge
here is where the open threads go, pretty self explanatory, right? also, if you have any party threads you have going on that are pretty open ended, you can also post them here for everyone to see - just list below your thread, its link, and whether it is open or party.

post using the code below & wrap in code

open threads

» annabelle webster | open thread
» nora lei | open thread
» ophelia benedict | open thread
» phoebe prince | open thread (au)
» ruby devereaux | open thread
» silas hastings | open thread
» summer blake | open thread
» tahlia leavitt | open thread
» vaida abrams | open thread
open comm threads
» camden whittaker | open comm
» dalia ruiz | open comm
» grayson richards | open comm
» harlow finch | open comm
» harlow finch | open comm
» helena whitmore | open comm
» mateo moretti | open comm
» melody finch | open comm
» melody finch | open comm
» melody finch | open comm
» <u><a href="LINK TO THREAD HERE">character's name</a></u> | <i>open thread/open comm</i><br>

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