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 the rules
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the rules
the guidelines of lms
firstly, welcome to lms! we're very glad that you've decided to join our community; however, we do have some rules that we expect you to read and follow. should any questions arise, you are encouraged to contact an administrator directly or post in the member services forum.

when registering, please do so by registering your character's first and last name in lowercase. if you do happen to register incorrectly, you may post in 'character moderation', located in the member services forum. in addition, we only allow two characters to have the same first name. while we understand that it is possible for more than two people to share the same name, especially common names, this restriction minimizes confusion. similarly, we only allow characters that are related to share the same surname. we are a jcink premium forum. this allows mature content to be posted at the discretion of members, and as such, members must be at least eighteen (18) years of age upon registration. should it somehow come to the attention of staff that someone has falsely presented their age, they will be removed from the site.

application process
once you've registered, it is time for you to begin the application process. at lms, we require you to submit an application and have it accepted before you begin roleplaying. we offer a freestyle application template, and we encourage you to create a style that best allows you to develop your character. while you do not have to post a w.i.p application, you are reminded that you have four (4) days to complete it before it is deemed inactive and archived. you may bump your application up to four (4) times before it's archived definitely. if you are making your second (or plus) character, you're asked to provide proof of threading for older characters, meaning an actual thread reply (not tech thread) your character has made. when linking to threads in your apps, please ensure the thread is current, aka is within twenty-one (21) days of the app's completion. apps with threads deemed too old will be pended and you will be asked to provide a more recent one.

character creation
we allow the creation of multiple characters at lms. the requirements for each are outlined below (active threads and posts are considered non-communication threads and posts posted in within 21 days of application completion):

first - free
second - free
third - one active thread
fourth - 50 posts & one active thread per character
fifth - 70 posts & one active thread per character
sixth - 90 posts & one active thread per character
seventh - 110 posts & one active thread per character
eighth - 130 posts & one active thread per character
ninth - 150 posts & one active thread per character
tenth - 170 posts & one active thread per character
eleventh - 190 posts & one active thread per character
twelfth - 210 posts & one active thread per character
thirteenth - 230 posts & one active thread per character
fourteenth - 250 posts & one active thread per character
fifteenth - 270 posts & one active thread per character
sixteenth - 290 posts & one active thread per character
seventeenth - 310 posts & one active thread per character
eighteenth - 330 posts & one active thread per character
nineteenth - 350 posts & one active thread per character
twentieth - 370 posts & one active thread per character
twenty-first - 390 posts & four active thread posts per character; pm the mayor before you start
twenty-second - 410 posts & four active thread posts per character; pm the mayor before you start

in regards to the 4 active thread posts, these can be in a single thread or multiple. (but really, don't give us four open thread starters; that doesn't show that you're not neglecting plots with other players. use your good judgement.)

also note that if you've fulfilled the requirements for a 21st (or 22nd, 23rd, and so on) character but delete that character, you may make a new character again without having to go through the whole process of 4 active thread posts per character in one month prior to making them. think of it as an evergreen status; once you've earned your 21st character, that spot is yours for good.

members are not allowed to create multiple aliases to avoid these requirements. if we discover this has been done, that member will be banned.

also, members who have an absence posted are not permitted to make new characters or reserve faces. (how can you... if... you're away...?)

face claims
regarding play bys, we ask that you use only famous actors/actresses, musicians, and signed models. we will not accept characters with face claims of internet celebrities, political/royal figures, deceased celebrities or children under the age of eighteen (18). we will only accept characters that are eighteen (18) or older, too. in addition, characters must be within five (5) years of their face claim's age. this means that if your face claim is 25 in real life, the character must fall within the 20-30 year old age range. this acts as an easy way to keep things realistic. to make sure that the focus is on the characters and not trending celebrities, we also allow only one face claim change per month. we ask that if you see a character application waiting in the pending or unfinished section, please refrain from using that face; meaning: do not try to create an app with the exact same playby just because the previous person hasn't finished yet. at lms, applications count as a face reserve, which means that you cannot reserve a face that has an application posted.

claiming process
upon acceptance of your application, your character will be sorted into a member group called 'claims'. until you have properly filled out all the necessary claims, you will not be able to post in any threads, shippers, etc. after your claims have been accepted, you will be sorted into your official member group and then the fun can begin. please make sure you have completed your claims within seven (7) days of being moved to claims otherwise we reserve the right to believe you've left and the claims are open again. if the staff deems this to be the case, your character may be move to inactive to allow others to claim the face/job/etc.

if you plan on being a member of lms, activity is essential. we do, however, understand that most members are students and young adults with busy schedules, thus roleplaying sometimes comes second, third, etc. if real life should affect your activity, we understand, but ask that you post a full absence. in doing so, you will save your characters. that said, any absences posted after the activity check period begins (the 15th of each month) will not be counted and you're asked to pm the mayor to sort out how best to save your characters. on the first of every month, a monthly activity check will be posted. you have seven (7) days to post in the activity check to save your characters, otherwise the characters that miss the activity check will be moved to inactive and those accounts will lose some of their posting privileges. from there you will have a week to save your characters using the reactivation thread in character moderation with an active thread post, or your account will be deleted and all your claims for those characters removed. again, pm the mayor if you strike trouble saving your characters - we're not monsters!

we ask that mini profiles are completed to the best of your ability. we know that not everyone is a graphics expert so we encourage you to do your best with the gifs and avatars required. if you do need help, there are plenty of lms members who are good with such things, and you can find their posts in the chat section.

there is to be no discussion of characters or plots in the cbox. we feel as if it alienates members and as a site that is focused on community, the last thing we want to do is make people feel as if they can't partake in a conversation.

in general, you are reminded that, quality is valued over quantity. that being said, at this time, we do not have a word count. do not take this as an invitation to post one-liners, though. a good rule of thumb to follow is to post roughly the same amount your partner does.

lms is a rated 'r' site, meaning that issues such as sexual themes, alcohol/drugs, and violence will be addressed. because of this, we will not allow anyone under the age of eighteen (18) to join. additionally, we ask that you be conscious of what you're writing; and if it is particularly triggering, we ask that you include a warning in the title of description and at the top of the thread, bolded in red. all mature content should be posted in the mature forum. if you have a doubt as to whether something is considered mature or not, please refer to jckin's criteria which can be found here.

lms is a community and we want it to function as such. we encourage you to reach out and include everyone, whether through plotting or engaging in conversation in the cbox. above all, we want this to be a place for you to grow as a writer, make friends, and have a little bit of fun along the way.

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