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for the characters of lms
want a quick run down on the major characteristics of each group? read through here for a top level view of what each personality type is. but remember, this is only the beginning! there's much more to learn about the intricacies, quirks, and idiosyncrasies of each group!

the signs
those born under aries, the first astrological sign, are independent and often show dominant personalities. they are generous, optimistic, and enthusiastic towards everything they do. most of the time aries like adventure and making their mark upon the world around them. they are often impulsive, impatient, and short-tempered.

exactly like a bull, tauruses are known for being stubborn and hard headed. they are persistent in getting what they want and are dependable. they are patient and loyal people who don't adjust well to change. they rarely wander off the beaten path. they can be possessive, materialistic, and lazy, too.

gemini personalities are multifaceted which a variety of sides. they are clever with words, intelligent, and able to adapt to practically any situation they are thrown into. they are very independent and imaginative. gemini are energetic in everything they do and love their freedom. their weaknesses are being superficial, devious, restless, and indecisive.

the personality of a cancer is mysterious and loaded with contradictions. they cherish security, but love adventure. often helpful to others, that can quickly turn to crankiness and impatience. they can have a driving personality hidden under a calm exterior. for the most part they are responsive, dependable, but clingy, self-absorbed, and moody.

the lion suits leo perfectly. they are confident of themselves, ambitious in their work and relationships, loyal, and encouraging people. they "rule" over their "kingdom" - whether that's a place of employment or home life. their enthusiasm for life is what other people are drawn to. however they can be pretentious, melodramatic, and vain in their daily lives.

virgos are incredibly intelligent and analytical people. they are observant of others and their surroundings and prefer to do things themselves in the quiet of their own domain. they are precise, which is attributed to their perfectionist characteristic. virgos can be skeptical, fussy, and cold towards others. they may often dwell on the past which inhibits their creativity.

striving for balance, libras are the diplomats of the world. they are peaceful people and love to be around others. libras are very much social butterflies. they are empathetic and able to put themselves in the shoes of others. they are hospitable and idealistic in their actions. however, they can be vain, indecisive, and unreliable.

scorpios can lead very complicated lives. they often live at either extremes and are quick to judge. they don't forgive-and-forget, but rather carry grudges around for even the simplest things. while they are known for being jealous, obsessive, and manipulative, scorpios can be very loyal and sexual. they are passionate in everything they do and are very dynamic. they are very ambitious and have a knack for observation. they enjoy logic, paranormal, and the unknown.

people born under the sagittarius sign seem to be guided by luck more than anything else. they carry an optimistic outlook and are generally positive people which leads them to good fortune. their personalities are vibrant and can't be contained. they are generally detached from emotion and prefer to let curiosity drive them to places. they can be reckless and spontaneous, acting before they weigh both the pros and cons.

capricorns are extremely ambitious and are always striving to accomplish their next goal. they want their lives to be fulfilled. as a result, they are patient in waiting for it happen, even if it takes years. they crave control in both their surroundings and relationships. they see things as black-and-white with no gray areas. while they are resourceful, capricorns may appear conceited, unimaginative, and distrusting.

aquarius crave being free and don't like to be tied down. they are witty and clever with words as well as ideas. they are known for being humanitarians and love the sense of adventure. often they deviate from social norms and do their own thing. they rebel when necessary and appear aloof. they possess a great deal of sarcasm but would never intentionally hurt anyone.

often possessing two sides of their personality, pisces live in the real world as well as spiritual. they like mystical things and the unknown. they feel emotion in extremes attributing to their sensitivity. while they can be self-pitying, lazy, and indecisive, pisces are compassionate, imaginative, and devoted completely to the people around them. they aren't very independent and generally lean on others to get them through things.

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